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Hi, I’m Jean Sum.

A creative, strategist, partnerships leader, dancer and coach to Asian-Australian Women to live their paths that align with their values, strengths and desires.

My Intention

To support young Asian Women to align their life and career paths with their values, strengths and desires.

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Praise and Testimonials

As Coach and Mentor:

I have been fortunate to have Jean Sum as my mentor and friend over the past seven years.  People say change is hard. It definitely is when you are doing it alone, but when you have someone like Jean, who is always willing to share her advice and insights genuinely, it has become a journey of personal exploration and growth. I learned a lot from her on navigating workplace challenges, such as finding my own confident inner voice, making quality connections, and building credibility as a young professional. Once Jean helped me identify areas to work on and by sharing her very own personal stories, she was tireless in making sure she provided me the support required as I worked toward my objectives and goals. I attribute a lot of my success in transitioning from an individual contributor to leading oneself and other people to Jean. She is a trusted advisor who selflessly helps others to embrace their own identities and reach their full potential.

Iris Chan, Hong Kong

“As a young Chinese-Australian woman in the midst of transition from university study to the workforce, I was delighted to connect with Jean at the 2019 Asian-Australian Leadership Summit. Jean is an empathetic and generous mentor who always takes care to understand my needs. She listens and creates space for me to reflect on the anxieties and challenges I have encountered in my first year of navigating full-time work. She has supported me to build my confidence by challenging me to see the qualities that set me apart from others not as weaknesses, but as unique strengths. With her guidance, I am learning to be more comfortable with expressing my cultural identity in the workplace, to be courageous in my leadership and visibility as a young person, and to embrace new connections and opportunities. Given our shared experiences as Asian-Australian women, I have found great comfort and insight in my relationship with Jean and would thoroughly recommend her as a mentor.

Jane Chen, Melbourne

As Facilitator / Public Speaker:

“Jean’s ability to take vague concepts and frame them into a structured conversation, as well as weave in her personal experiences and perspectives into the narrative without detracting from the conversation is something seasoned professionals still can learn from. Every step of the process that required Jean’s involvement was a pleasure.”

Charlen Vandervalk, The Australian National University