Courage & Life Transformation Program

Embody your Courage to live your life 

Deep Dive Transformation for souls ready to transform their lives

The Courage & Life Transformation Program is aimed at souls who are ready to embrace their courage and drop into their amazing transformations and breakthroughs.

It is created for those who desire to live their true essence, and drop into their full potential so their true magic can flow fully and easily.

This is a powerful personalised experience, tailored to you. We deep dive into the crevices to uncover and polish the gems hidden within, and bringing these out so that you fully embrace, embody and create the life that your heart so desires.

I believe that living the life you are born to live is your birthright. 

You are powerful beyond measure.

Yes, my love. You.

You have the capacity to live your wildest dreams, beyond the confines of society. You have the wisdom and courage to be all of you. 

To claim your place in the world. 

To speak your truth. 

I believe in you.

Walking this path requires courage, guidance and support, so that you feel safe and guided in the knowing that each step you take; each moment you surrender; each time you feel your vulnerability, you are ever so held and loved. 

This is where my magic comes in.

The Courage & Life Transformation Program is for you if:

  • You desire to live courageously
  • You want an expansive life that is aligned with your soul’s desires
  • You thrive on challenges, knowing there’s expansion and possibilities on the other side
  • You are ready to own your voice and speak your truth
  • You long to integrate your body, heart and soul with your brilliant mind
  • You crave intimate, personalised and tailor-made coaching
  • You are done with playing small

I would love to work with you if:

  • You’re a human who loves diving deep into your growth journey
  • You are walking on the edge knowing that your next step is ground-shakingly transformational
  • You desire to create a life that you love and attract people and opportunities that support you to amplify your brilliance
  • You desire to connect with and embrace your culture identity, qualities and superpowers
  • You long to connect with your inner wisdom and inspiration
  • You have travelled along your personal growth journey for a while and are now ready for the transformational leap!

And that you’re ready to live courageously!

Together we will activate your magic and create the beautiful foundations for you to live your full life. 

Here is what you’ll want to know about the program:

  • 6 weeks – we deep dive and unravel the gems held within. You are supported every step of the way to feel into your dreams and desires, to connect with your courage and  boldly strategise with you to live your full potential.
  • VIP 1:1 Deep Dive with Jean – we drop into the crevices and unravel your soul’s desires. You feel into how you really want to live in your own unique way – filled with love, expansion, courage and possibilities. I hold, support, and guide you as you transmute your fears to live your own life.
  • Deep Dive Questionnaire – this questionnaire is to help ignite your journey. This powerful tool will help you explore and tap into your intentions and dreams – before our VIP session.
  • Five Weekly 1:1 personal coaching sessions with Jean: each week, we explore, feel, strategise, and create actions to help you drop further into your growth and expansion. I am your loving coach and accountability buddy to hold, support and challenge you all the way.
  • Weekly inbox whisperings, firestarters and practices – To support you on your journey, I craft personalised and beautiful practices for your body, heart, mind and soul to accelerate your transformations at a cellular level, so that they are truly embodied.
  • Voxer support – I am only a message away – I walk, dance, sprint and celebrate with you every step of the way. (On pre-determined days/times – we set healthy boundaries in our expansive lives)

Create and live your full expansive life filled with possibilities.

Investment: AUD3,388, or 2 payments of AUD1,999