Dear 25 year old Jean

It’s your 38 yo Jean talking to you. How’s the life roller coaster going? I know that you can’t quite imagine life this far down the road, so I hope to share with you some of my learnings and wisdom to help you embrace your beautiful life.

  1. Be genuine.

  2. Dance as if no one’s watching. They’re not. They’re watching the best / funniest dancer in the room (PS, you will return to dance in a big way).

  3. Be, feel and do what your heart tells you. Think too much on it and life will pass you by.

  4. Stand up for your beliefs and don’t let others’ insecurities sway you.

  5. Find your circle of sisters and support crew. They will be the ones who will hold the ship steady in life’s stormy seas.

  6. Step out of your comfort zone. Often.

  7. Find a job that aligns with your values. Working in a job or organisation where they don’t resonate with your true self is an energetic black hole.

  8. You will encounter major heartaches and life moments. Sit with them.

  9. Cherish the people you love. Appreciate those who have hurt you.

  10. Be curious.

  11. Dance to that cheesy music! Especially in the middle of the city. Really!

  12. There are two sides to a coin – be kind and put yourself in others’ shoes.

  13. Allow your emotions to be fully felt.

  14. Your aspirations and goals will change. That’s ok!

  15. Trust your instincts and body. They’re incredibly intelligent.

  16. People will come in and out of your life. If they leave, say goodbye with love.

  17. Be as kind to yourself as you would to others.

  18. Don’t do what’s expected of you in life unless that’s what you want.

  19. Give a hitch-hiker a lift.

  20. Embrace your cultural and feminine qualities.

And last but not least, play with your inner child. She giggles every time you play with her,

With love and admiration,

38 yo Jean

Image by Jean Sum



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