The Power of my Red Coat

I own a gorgeous red coat that was bestowed upon me by my beautiful boss who left to build a new chapter in the Middle East.

Putting this on has always given me joy, something that speaks to my love for colour and a sense of uniqueness. Being different.

I hadn’t worn this coat as often as I’d have liked this winter, as the winds of Melbourne prevent too many layers underneath.

But today, as I was getting ready for a Sunday indulgent celebration, a little voice told me that my red coat is *exactly* what I need to complement my floral dress, yellow headscarf, white espadrilles and orange handbag.

Because I have finally come out of hiding, after 3 years of introspection and living day by day. 

Today my red coat gave me a new sense of owning myself as a proud woman, emanating my feminine energy and power. My desire to wear this red coat came from deep within, not from an external desire of wanting to be different.

It represents all of me that I no longer choose to hide from the world. Hiding the parts that I felt were too much. Too much for this world to see, to hear, to feel.

My feminine energy feels distinct from my masculine energy. My feminine energy has a sensation that comes from deep within my body, from my womb, from my heart, like a shoot that has taken time to incubate in the depths of the earth, and emerge from underneath the surface. I do not try to exert myself in an outward way, but I know that my strength, power and source of energy comes from deep within.

My feminine energy is expressive and intuitive. It is movement and colour. It is nurturing and nourishing. It is soft and fierce. It is magnetic and vulnerable.

I walk through the city with a renewed sense of myself. Proud to be striding through the world; proud to step into my space; unapologetically and unreservedly. With deep sensitivity and inner wisdom.

Because this power from deep within has such potency to make positive impact in the world, that it can no longer hide.

This Feminine Warrior Woman is stepping boldly in the world.

If you are interested in exploring your feminine energy more fully; to be your unique and powerful self, I am available to share my journey and support you in yours.




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