2020 – A year of Expansion, True Voice and Possibilities

In the lead up to the new year, I was called very strongly to set my intentions for 2020. I set intentions because it is the future focus, and not resolutions, as it implies that things need to be resolved, which I don’t feel I do. So I tried something radical on NYE – I turned out the lights, lit my candles and journaled how I want to be in 2020. How I wanted to feel. Who I want to be with. And what I want to do. I then meditated and went to sleep before big hand struck 12!

I would like to share with you my intention for Sum of Jean in 2020.

2020 is a year of expansion, building on the momentum that started in late 2019. Expansion in every sense of the word – my mind, my heart, my emotional capacity, my reach to greater audiences, the impact of my work, connecting with visionaries, my love, my compassion, my dreams. Everything except my physical body! It is a year of greater transformation and possibilities – where I am deepening my understanding of the Asian-Australian identity and feminine energy and widening my reach at the grassroots level – talking with more individuals about their experiences, sharing mine, speaking engagements, writing on Sum of Jean, guest blogging on other websites, supporting in the work of elevating Australians of the Asian diaspora in our community.

I am determined to make 2020 a year where we gather momentum within the Asian-Australian community to support each other in elevating the amazing work and contributions onto the national agenda – both at the grassroots level and at higher echelons. My intention to do this is to connect more widely within our community – across the metropolitan cities and regional areas. From my personal lived experiences, there are vast differences between the two areas and it can almost feel like they might as well be in two different countries! Over time, I want to connect with those in the regional areas of Australia.

Some of the topics I will be diving into:

  • Explore the six themes outlined in my post What is the future for Asian-Australian Women? ie doing the inner work, finding courage, champions and mentors, embracing Asian-Australian Women-ness, creating opportunities, raising collective awareness

  • Harnessing my qualities as an Asian-Australian Woman in the workplace, community, family

  • Navigating a 21st century career – ie non-traditional career paths

  • Finding courage to navigate a 21st century career – family expectations, unchartered waters

  • Finding one’s own tribe 

  • Cultural conditioning and what’s alive within

  • Tapping into the feminine energy in our fast-paced technology driven world

In deepening my feminine embodiment, I want to connect more fully with the natural cycles of the earth – understanding how my body responds to nature’s cycles, observing how my body is at certain times of the month – when do I feel alive and creative? When am I goal oriented? When do I want to cocoon and rejuvenate? When do I want to strategise and think? I will continue my Biodanza facilitation training to become a facilitator in 2022-23. I will continue to work with my teacher to become more aligned with my feminine power, intelligence and to bring my true voice into the world. I will continue to follow the guidance of my meditation teacher and traditional Chinese medicine doctor to create more clarity and integration.

With these personal learnings, I want to share these with my fellow readers to support them on their paths. Having lived for so long being ignorant of mother nature’s influences and being in a technology filled society has left me exhausted. I want to reconnect with my true essence to continue to grow and contribute in a positive way, especially in light of current disasters and global events.

In undertaking this work with curiosity, lightness and a sense of fun, I hope to provide a stronger support for young Asian-Australian Women in 2020. 

Will you join me on this journey?

Image by Jean Sum – taken on 1st January 2020



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