It’s Time to Re-Life

This post was inspired by my discussions with my highly respected and esteemed colleague, friend and mentor – Sung Lee.

It’s time to Re-Life. 

  • To Re-flect

  • To Re-Assess

  • To Re-Prioritise

  • To Re-Group

  • To Re-Awaken

  • To Re-st

  • To Re-Set

  • To Re-Discover

And most importantly, to stop Re-Fuck.

Our current global community has not been tested like this. This global pandemic is impacting every single person at an intensely deep level. As we adapt to a new way of being, of living, of existing within our homes, we have literally been invited told to go inward. To stay within. To be with ourselves.

The global events over the past 9 months have seen protests around the world – the rising of the hidden, the forgotten, the unseen. The Amazon fires and Black Summer of Australia – Mother Earth was angry at the state of the world we are in. And now, the Covid-19 virus is taking a grip on each one of us, and it is bringing out the beauty and ugliness of humankind.

We have created a lot of harm and hurt to ourselves, to humanity and to our beloved earth over the years. We have pursued self-interests through the lack of thought and care for our environment, for others and ourselves. We have buried our inner voice, our values and our care through materialistic and egotistic pursuits. And there is SO much hurt.

This pandemic is presenting us with a choice. A choice to continue our self-serving ways, or a choice to re-set, re-assess, to re-st and re-awaken. This is an invitation to look at the ways we have been living our lives. To look at our interactions with our family, friends and community. 

There is such HUGE potential for transformation.

How does this Re-Life look? I have some suggestions:

  • Sleep and rest

  • Pause and observe the thoughts, feelings, sensations that are happening in our body, heart and mind

  • Acknowledge the fluctuating moods, and thoughts with kindness and observe any judgements that may arise

  • Feel the areas of our body where there is tightness or spaciousness. Breathe into it.

  • Offer kindness to ourselves, to others, to those who might be isolated, the elderly or minority groups in our community

  • Limit the amount of digital interaction and exposure

  • Journal, meditate, dance, exercise, draw, create – creative explorations and physical movement help to shift our emotions, energies and process thoughts

  • Map out an idea that has been brewing for a while, and haven’t ‘had time’ to get to it. What does this map look like now? 

  • Write out your list of values

  • Visualise/draw/write/cut out pictures of where/how/with whom you’d like to live. How does this look? Feel? Taste? Sound? Smell?

The possibilities to Re-Life are endless. 

To pause and rest. 

To Re-Juvenate.

To Re-Assess.

To Re-Life.

Most importantly, let’s not Re-Fuck our precious world.

Image by Jean Sum



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