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As featured in the bi-annual global newsletter – Partnerships Brokering Association.

Partnership in my practice is about building sustainable relationships to collectively solve problems in creative and courageous ways. I have worked across the private, not for profit and university sectors for 17 years. Currently, I am the Growth and Partnerships Manager at No to Violence where I work with corporate partners to end men’s use of family violence. It’s not only about sponsorship or sales.

I bring together partners to find creative and lateral ways to seek solutions to massive societal problems. Partnerships are most impactful when they bring together multiple stakeholders across sectors or industries.

One of my proudest partnership moments was successfully setting up a meeting between the university Vice-Chancellor (VC) and the CEO of one of the biggest banks. This resulted in a long-term relationship between these two powerhouses and the establishment of the  Business Advisory Chair. It was a huge win, as I convinced the astrophysics Nobel Laureate VC to skip an important astrophysics conference to meet with the CEO!

Breaking into senior leadership within the community/ social impact sector is my next step – to model what is possible for young Asian-Australians. I will be leading the organisation into developing partnerships that amplify impact. To continue my partnerships career in bringing the not for profit and education sectors along the journey of working with the private sector, I now add to it by bringing young and aspiring Asian-Australian Women on the journey of aligning their career paths with their strengths, values and desires, through

Image by Shardey Olynyk Photography



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