Jean Sum

I am a proud Asian-Australian Woman with a keen interest in solving societal challenges. I am a creative, dancer, writer, speaker and partnerships broker with nuanced understandings of the private, community and university sectors. I am energised when I hang out and collaborate with fascinating individuals who believe in creating a better society.

For a large part of my life, I had not fully embraced the two key identities that make me Jean Sum – my Asian-Australian heritage and my feminine qualities. A few years ago, I began to deeply explore these identities and explore what each of these bring to my life. I have spent a lot of time and energy working through my purpose and career path, and I now realise that it is precisely these identities that have shaped the full and rich life that I have always led. It is through my experiences that I have a deep desire to support others uncover the qualities that make them unique contributors to our society.

My story of transformation started in the bank, after studying Actuarial Studies & Commerce and working my first job overseas. Upon my return to Australia, I worked in the banking industry. But when my brother died of suicide, I asked myself:

“If life is so short, why am I in a career that I’m so unhappy in?”

I took the plunge and ventured into the International Development not-for-profit sector, followed later by the university and family violence sectors. My path of transformation continues to evolve as I develop a life and career that energises me and aligns with my strengths and values while helping others remain a core part of my life purpose. This colourful path has seen me take two self-funded sabbaticals, a city relocation while experiencing major life events such as separation and professional burnout.

I continue to experience and learn the richness of life’s learnings through dance, travel, writing, meditation, yoga and spirituality.

My intention for this space is to offer support and guidance to Asian-Australians to align their life and career paths with their values, strengths and desires. As Asian-Australians, we experience many internal and external pressures and expectations. As a woman who started a career in a traditional, masculine industry, I hid a large part of myself in order to be seen as exceptional in my career, and I did not embrace my feminine qualities such as intuition, expression and empathy which are the traits needed as leaders in the 21st century.

I hope you enjoy reading my sharings. I invite you to connect with me through a Discovery Call if you are interested in my coaching services; for speaking/interviews; or to collaborate on creating solutions for our world.

Image by Shardey Olynyk Photography