In the Media

Opinion, atlanta shooting

My response to the shooting of 6 Asian women – Asian fetishisation, racism, oppression, minimalisation


Featured in ANU Alumni Spotlight – gender equality, including women from diverse backgrounds and advice for Asian-Australian Women.


Featured in the global bi-annual newsletter – I talk about corporate-community partnerships, my story with a Nobel Laureate, and my aspiration as an Asian-Australian Leader.

speaker, It’s time to re-life

Visualisations and tools on how to Re-Life, Re-Assess, Re-Prioritise and Re-Vision a life that you want (33min audio)

speaker, Alumni Panel

I explore identity, racism, representation and leadership with Yasmin Poole, Helen Zhang and Jieh-Yung Lo. (1 hour video)

MC – Australian national university alumni gala

As MC to farewell Chancellor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC, my 6 min speech on the bamboo ceiling, visibility of Asian-Australians and the fire lit within.

Interview – I can be what I can’t see – echo chamber Escape

My journey of dissolving the imposter syndrome, bamboo ceiling, self-belief and my support crew.


What can people who have never experienced racism do to better understand what it is, its impact, and how they can contribute to removing racism from society?

Opinion, Eradicating racism

What can we as a society be doing to eradicate racism in our communities?

Interview, the ambitious business leaders show

Speaking with Zviko Masiiwa of Ambitious Tribe, we talk about my journey of transforming Sum of Jean into my business; using fear as an energy; and re-framing the term ‘minority’ (36 min)

interview – quietly powerful leader

I share with Megumi Miki – Founder, Quietly Powerful my experiences, strengths and challenges as a quiet leader and how I connect with this as an Asian-Australian Woman (31 min)

panel facilitator – Anu alumni impact makers – reversing the gendered effects of covid-19

I moderated an outstanding panel panel on gender roles, societal and internalised pressure and the value/definition of ‘work’, policy changes needed.