Hi! I’m Jean Sum – Coach to young Asian-Australian Women, Dancer and Senior Partnerships Leader. I look forward to supporting and guiding you to be fully seen, heard and felt at work and in your life.

Sum of Jean Coaching Program – 3 month

Sum of Jean Coaching Program is for Asian-Australian Women who are ready to embody and integrate their logical brilliance with their Asian-Australian qualities and feminine identity.

You are ready for change and to deep dive into exploring ways to be more seen, heard and felt at work. You are ambitious and ready to live more fully – aligning with who you truly are and balancing expectations – internal and external.

For three months, I will guide you to implement 2 goals and intentions into your life. We will work together to identify the themes and underlying challenges which I will invite you to explore.

Possible themes:

  • Navigating your early career
  • Exploring your Asian-Australian qualities such as respect, resilience, perfectionism, technical brilliance and harnessing these as your strengths
  • Embodying your feminine energy such as expression, intuition, vulnerability, fierceness
  • Exploring any fear or belief that is holding you from being all of you
  • Identify, recognise and embrace the qualities that make you unique and harnessing them as your strengths

Your 3 month personalised Mentoring Program includes:

  • 45 minute Discovery Call to chat about your dreams and desires
  • Deep-dive Questionnaire
  • Goal setting, identifying strengths and areas you would like to explore/improve
  • 1x 1hr 30min First Coaching Session
  • 3x 1hr 15min Coaching Sessions – Month 1, 2, 3
  • Summary of key themes from each session including homeplay
  • Email support

Your Coaching program is a unique experience designed and developed with and for you.

The Asian-Australian Women’s Circle

This wonderful intimate circle brings like-hearted and like-minded women together to share their learnings, reflections and feelings in a safe and protected space. A variety of practices are incorporated into these circles, which may include meditation, movement and reflective exercises.

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers. Women’s Circles offer a safe and gentle space for women to come together and share.

Different themes are explored in each circle – possible themes might include – career, life decisions, self-limiting beliefs, balancing parental expectations/personal desires and childhood. This Circle does not include any individual coaching for participants.

To encourage and enable full participation by all women, the maximum number of participants is 8.

The next online Circle is on Tuesday 16 March, 2021 – 7pm – 9pm AEDT

My intention is to hold space for you as we explore and unravel your qualities in a safe space.

All of you is welcome.

Why work with me?

  • I understand the courage it takes to create a values-aligned career – having built a successful multi-sector career across Corporate, Community and University sectors – I can help you navigate your own path that aligns with who you are
  • I have been successfully mentoring young Asian-Australian Women for over 7 years in making challenging decisions at different intersections of their lives
  • I have and continue to journey through my identity as an Asian-Australian Woman – a unique exploration to truly support the women I work with
  • I developed the first global alumni mentoring program for the Australian National University and have in-depth experience in creating a successful mentoring program
  • I am completing my 3 year Biodanza Facilitation training which embodies disciplines such as psychology and physiology – I use Biocentric principles in my mentoring to bring in our physical body intelligence
  • I am completing the Beautiful You Academy Life Coaching and use these proven techniques to support my clients

What my clients say

“…Jean is a nurturer and a truly gifted mentor. Jean is a wonderful listener and she holds the space for you to be vulnerable, whilst also providing encouragement and guidance on what steps to take next. She has helped me to regain confidence in myself, to tune into my intuition, and to embrace the risk involved in pursuing my dream. I feel that she believes in me and my vision, which moves me and motivates me to keep going despite the fear of failure. Through Jean’s mentorship, I have been learning to ask for what I need and to recognise my strengths. I have also gained a new appreciation of my qualities that reflect my Asian cultural background, which are often undervalued in Australian workplaces and society. After several months of being mentored by Jean, I am more determined to pursue my goals and I am more hopeful that I can achieve them. Jean gives her time and shares her knowledge from her heart – I feel truly blessed to be mentored by her...”

Monique Dam, Sydney

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